New York residential real estate attorney Peter Zinkovetsky discusses residential real estate in New York


New York residential real estate attorney Peter Zinkovetsky publishes a new article ( giving a brief overview of residential real estate in New York and the laws that affect the market. Attorney Zinkovetsky mentions that the median selling prices of residential properties in New York increased by almost 30% between 2018 and 2021. The attorney explains that before deciding whether or not to invest in the residential real estate, it is essential to understand the factors affecting the NYC market.

According to the New York residential real estate attorney, “A residential property is one of the most critical assets for any individual. It can be a house, office, apartment or of any building you use on a daily basis.In New York, there are many types of properties you can purchase, and these properties have their own set of requirements.

Attorney Zinkovetsky mentions that real estate law encompasses the laws and regulations involved in the buying, selling and leasing of land and structures. Laws passed by Congress to help govern the real estate industry are called real estate laws. An example would be mortgage lending practices. State laws can help supplement federal law to provide greater legal protection for homeowners. Due to state laws, real estate market processes, such as buying a home in New York, can differ significantly from those in California.

Besides statutes, attorney Zinkovetsky explains regulations as another crucial part of real estate law. Regulations are interpretations or guidelines issued by government agencies. Tax guidelines issued by the IRS for homeowners follow in the regulations category. Trade groups and industry organizations may also have regulations that real estate brokers and salespeople must follow.

Having the help of a qualified real estate attorney in New York is beneficial in ensuring that a real estate transaction complies with laws and regulations. Additionally, real estate attorneys can help provide an extra layer of security to a transaction. A lawyer can also help negotiate or find better deals to minimize risk and maximize reward.

“When buying or selling real estate, you may come across people who want to take advantage of your situation, from bogus companies that promise financial assistance to real estate agents who misrepresent their credentials to scammers who attempt to impersonate. Although most of us may think we see such a scam, that is not always the case. Unfortunately, some of these scams can be quite sophisticated. A lawyer can offer expert advice to prevent these incidents from happening.If you are the victim of a scam or fraudulent agreement, they can help you take legal action against the other party for damages », underlines the lawyer Zinkovetsky.

Finally, although it is not legally required that real estate transactions be handled by a lawyer, it is a good idea to hire one for both buyers and sellers. An experienced New York real estate attorney can help you navigate the legal processes involved in a transaction and save time and financial resources.

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