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The new 3D gameplay of Kirby and the Forgotten Land gives even the most seasoned Kirby fans intense new challenges to complete. However, even after fans defeat Fecto Elfilis and clear the game’s main story, the adventure isn’t over yet because forgotten land continues the tradition of post-match fashions in Kirby Games. In order for players to get the true ending, they must fight their way through the isolated islands.

Once players have reached Forgo Zone, the final stage of Forgo Dreams, they should already have a considerable amount of souls. To unlock the final level, players need at least 250 pieces of Leon’s soul. However, for those aiming for 100% of the game, they need to collect all 300. Forgo Zone is unique in that it doubles as a stage that helps fans reach the 250 requirement with plenty of coins souls easy to find. , while having so many that are hard to find. Fortunately, since DLC for forgotten land is unlikely, this stage is entirely the last proper level in the game. With the help of this guide, players will know how to find all 51 pieces of Leon’s soul in Forgo Zone.


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Enter the Forbidden Burning Lands

1 – This soul is at the very beginning of the level to the right of the lava path.

2 – The next soul can be found later in the finale Kirby and the Forgotten Land step to the top of a sharp rock on the left.

3 – If players keep their eyes peeled while collecting the second piece of Leongar’s soul, they will find this one on the far right. It can be found circling a sharp rock.

4 – When players reach a lava pool hit by a bunch of meteors, this piece of Leon’s soul can be found sliding between the flaming rocks and can be grabbed if players are careful with their movements.

5 – 7 – Can be found at the top of the lookout podium on the left. The best way to reach it is for fans to climb the high rock to the right and then use something like the tornado copy ability to reach it quickly.

8 – This particular soul piece can be particularly frustrating for players because it’s on the far right of the exit door. Not only do fans have to step over a small pool of lava, they also have to fly over a good distance to reach it.

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Conquer the Inferno Road

9 – To the side of the path once players enter this part of the map, this room sits above the small pool of lava waiting for it.

10 – After a big cannon, players will have to outrun an enemy plant moving from side to side. However, they shouldn’t advance right away because to the right of the cannon will be a wooden plank left alone. Behind this plank is a block of bombs that will clear the way for this soul at the top of the barrel.

11 – 13 – Fans will eventually find this bundle of souls behind bars. They should head further where they will find a Crash enemy. Where it once stood will be a sparkling place. Touching it will expose the ladder that leads to these souls.

14 – A little further, there will be an enemy plant that is near the camera. Defeat the enemy, jump off the ledge in front of the camera to discover a ladder with a soul sitting on the end.

15 – As players follow the path of the original Conquer the Inferno Road level, they will reach a bend with a strange dull corner near the end. However, fans should have faith and jump off the blunt edge to find a soul below. There’s also a sparkling spot on the ledge that once housed a Crash enemy that will spawn Star Coins that leads directly to that particular piece of Leon’s soul.

Flight. 4 Toy Capsule – If players want to try their luck at getting a rare figure without paying the high price of the Gotcha Capsule Machine of 1,000, this Toy Capsule can be found by keeping right up a ladder to the top of the building. There should be scaffolding for fans to float on, and once there, a ladder leading to this pod is on the right.

16 – Before fans jump on the Warp Star and head to the next Burning-based area, Churning Power Plant, there will be an enemy plant covered in black mist. Defeat him to release this soul.

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Burning and bubbling power plant

17 – Right after the first mechanical press on the treadmill will be a bomb block. Breaking it causes that piece of Leongar’s soul to appear on the second press.

18 – In the corner of this section will be a Primal Awoofy enemy sleeping on the blocks in the corner. While fans may not want to bother them, they should also break those blocks to expose that soul.

19 – This soul is waiting to be picked up under the press in the corner of the next area. Players just have to quickly run underneath to grab it while avoiding new enemies Kirby and the Forgotten Land featured in the series.

20 – 22 – Players must use the enemy Poppy Bros. Jr nearby to get the bomb copy ability to throw a bomb at the switch. Stay close to the door, it will only open for a few seconds.

23 – As the fans move forward, they run into a large hydraulic press. A soul will be below right in front of the camera. This should be easy to grab, if players remain cautious.

24 – 26 – These souls might be a little perilous to get as they require the fans to slide under the large hydraulic press to the right. Once beyond, a path will lead players up platforms and a ladder to reach these souls.

Council of the Gathering of the Beast

27 – 31 – This gauntlet-like tier will give players at most five souls during an enemy gauntlet at the very start. A few enemies will appear with a black mist on their faces. Defeating them all should automatically give players those souls.

32 – 34 – After the rollercoaster section, there will be a bunch of souls locked up at the end. Gathering the Star Fragments scattered across the path will unlock it. Fans can use the image gallery below to get an idea of ​​where the shards are located, with the last one being at the end of the track.

35 – There is a final soul taking over an enemy in the closed area on the right. Although they find him sleeping, fans must defeat him to clear the area.

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The Beast Pack’s final fight

36 – This section will open with a challenge involving Water Balloon Mouth Kirby with a Wild Edge boss at the end. Fans needn’t worry, though, as the first soul in this realm is just a reward for defeating the sword-wielding mid-boss.

37 – After players have filled the circular hole in the ground with the Kirby Water Balloon, a chest should be found in the upper right corner containing this soul.

38 – In a room similar to the one with Water Balloon Kirby, players will be tested with Ring Mouth Kirby, only to be greeted by a Wild Bonkers at the end. Defeating this mid-boss will also reward players with a piece of Leon’s soul.

39 – Before the fans leave the area, there will be a circular hole on the right that is the perfect size for Ring mouth Kirby. Filling it will reveal that soul.

40 – This soul is the reward for beating Fleurina and Wild Frosty in the next Vending Mouth themed area.

41 – Just like the other two rooms, this path has a hole to fill using Vending Mouth Kirby. Once it is filled, however, players will need to descend from the top of the platform to reach it.

42 – 43 – The last part of the scene will be another gauntlet of enemies. Two of them will be shrouded in black mist, meaning they’ll have two souls for fans to collect.

44 – 46 – The gauntlet will eventually reward players with a traffic cone for using Mouthful mode upon completion. Players only need to defeat the large enemy Turtulding with the cone to free these souls from it.

47 – 51 – Obtained by clearing Forgo Zone by defeating Phantom Forgo Dedede. While many boss battles in Forgo Dreams aren’t too demanding yet, Phantom Forgo Dedede has an all-new second phase. Space Ranger, Masked Hammer, and other abilities that can attack over long distances can be useful, but players should keep in mind the Phantom Forgo Dedede’s meteor attack, as well as the lava surrounding the arena. island to claim victory without any problems.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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