Chicago Cubs’ top prospects make final list of top 100 prospects


It’s this time of year that MLB Pipeline releases its top 100 prospect list and yes, the Chicago Cubs have two, not one, two in the top 100.

It’s a very exciting time for the Chicago Cubs and their fans!

Brennen Davis was listed as the Chicago Cubs’ top prospect in the system last year and ranked 15th in the top 100 last year.

In 2022, Davis is also ranked the 15th top prospect.

Davis started 2021 in top A and finished the year with the Triple-A team, crazy. In High A, Davis reduced .321/.406/.607/1.013 his BABIP was .350 with a wRC+ of 172.

Davis had 2 homers, with 5 RBIs, with 32 plate appearances in High A, and yes, that’s a small sample.

When he got to Double-A, his numbers went down a bit. He cut .252/.367/.474/.841 with a BABIP of .344 and his wRC+ sat at 135. Davis also had 13 homers, with 36 RBIs and 316 plate appearances.

Davis got to Triple-A and his numbers went up slightly, he’s down .268/.397/.536/.933 with a BABIP of .297, and his wRC+ is back up to 150.

When Davis reached Triple-A-, he only hit 4 home runs and 12 RBIs and had only 68 plate appearances, so a small sample size.

Making his first appearance in the top 100 is Cristian Hernandez.

Who is ranked 92nd best prospect for 2022.

Hernandez is 18 and the highest rated shortstop in the Cubs system. He played in the Dominican summer league with a slash of .285/.398/.424/.822 with a BABIP of .345, wOBA .404, and his wRC+ was at 132.

When will the Chicago Cubs bring in Brennen Davis and Cristian Hernandez?

Davis can be called up as early as a month or two into the season, and as late as the all-star break. The ETA for Hernandez isn’t until 2025, so it might be a while before we see him.

The ZiPS projections for Davis in 2022 are 0.224/0.307/0.407/0.715 with a BABIP of 0.290 with a wOBA of 0.311, and his wRC+ is 92

The Steamer projections are a little nicer for Davis, .245/.317/.432/.750/ with a BABIP of .305, wOBA of .323 and wRC+ of 100.

When do you think the Chicago Cubs call Davis and Hernandez?

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