Video shows Land Rover hitting parked car and flipping sideways


A SHOCKING video shows a Land Rover Discovery slamming into the back of a parked car and flipping onto its side.

A CCTV camera captured the clumsy driver colliding with the stationary Renault Clio in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, on Sunday.

The video shows the black Discovery driving down the road, where it begins to veer off course and into a row of parked cars across the road.

Traveling surprisingly slowly for the scale of the crash, the left of the vehicle’s bonnet then slams into the rear of the Clio, lifting its front and rear wheels off the ground.

Angled at a 45-degree angle, the four-by-four then seemingly creaks over the top of the Clio before crashing sideways and slamming into the back of another parked car.

After breaking several windows during the accident, the vehicle then lies motionless on its side among shards of broken glass.

The video was shared on TikTok by a local seller on Monday, who wrote, “There may be delays in our store today, beware of overturned vehicles.”

The video has now garnered over 240,000 views with thousands of likes and dozens of comments from TikTok users mixed in their replies.

One said, “Flipping the hell how did the driver pull this off?”

Another wrote: “How, how? All that road and they crashed, laughing my a** off.

A third added: ‘He was definitely getting a text from his thing and started texting excitedly.

A fourth replied: ‘Bro tried to do the Range Rover ad again.

Speaking today, a member of staff at the takeaway who wished to remain anonymous said: ‘The car was traveling at a very slow speed.

The car was stuck on its side for 40 minutes.

“I was driving past and noticed the car had overturned.

“I went to the store and was a bit shocked to see it again.

“One side of the car was all smashed because it was on the ground.

“He was on the side for about 40 minutes.

“Everyone was fine, no one was injured at the scene.”

Speaking today, a spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: ‘We are only providing details for RTCs who have serious or fatal injuries.

“In this incident, there were no serious injuries, so it does not meet the terms of our service level agreement, so we cannot provide comment.”


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