Southport could grant ‘exclusive rights’ to the exploitation of city-owned land

Southport will make a decision on whether to grant harvesting rights to city-owned land (Picture: WWAY)

SOUTHPORT, NC (STARNEWS) — At its meeting on Thursday, the Southport Board of Aldermen will consider an offer to purchase a 441-acre parcel of city-owned land near Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point.

Due to its proximity to Sunny Point, certain land uses are not possible, such as residential. However, a company specializing in mining has submitted an application to purchase part or all of the land.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Polote Corporation, a Georgia-based company that offers general contracting and construction management services, made the offer. A proposal signed by company president Ben Polote Sr. reiterates the company’s 40-year history of supporting “small to medium-sized construction projects throughout the east coast” and providing construction management services which include “providing projects with soil, earth, gravel and other raw materials, through the excavation, transportation and delivery of these materials to the construction site.

Southport Town Manager Gordon Hargrove said the Polote Corporation approached the town to buy the property towards the end of September.

“It was in the form of an email to me,” Hargrove said.

It was then decided that representatives of The Polote Corporation would present their offer at the next board meeting.

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