Sellers land $40,000 bonus for double-block home


A quick start to the auction of a three-bedroom Lara house on a double block counted out one of the bidders before he could raise his hand.

Bidding opened at $880,000 for the 1,282 sq m property at 1-2 Starling Close, with two bidders taking the contest $40,000 over the reserve price to sell for $940,000.

Hayeswinckle, Lara’s agent, Matthew Ward, said the available space on the outskirts of town was a key attraction for buyers.

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“The morning before the auction we had three confirmed bidders, but the bidding started so high that it actually had one early on,” Mr Ward said.

The property has been listed with price hopes of $900,000 to $970,000. The reserve was set at $900,000, Ward said.

“They will be moving in and renovating inside,” Mr Ward said of the buyers, who are moving from Lovely Banks.

“Because it’s a 1282m² block it leaves itself open to a lot of things but for me they’re just going to take advantage of the size of the land.”

The property offers an array of attractions, such as an outdoor patio, a salt-chlorinated pool, and even a skateboard ramp.

“There’s a bunch of stuff in the back,” Mr. Ward said.

“These guys just wanted something bigger – there’s a lot of land they can just move into.”

The property is situated on single title, but has been offered as a potential subdivision opportunity.

Earlier last week, size cuts targeting a waterfront property generated a high price for a four-bedroom home in Lara’s Grand Lakes estate.

The property of 567 m² at 3 Court of the Black Swans is a contemporary residence offering three separate indoor living spaces and a covered outdoor space.

Ray White, Lara’s agent, Terry Cleary, said there were four interests in the property, but two locals bid for the property, which sold for $931,000.

“They were both looking at it from a downsizing exercise and the location was a key part of the attraction as well,” he said.

“Bigger houses, bigger blocks that they were on – they were getting back to a more manageable size holding.”

The complex of lakes inside the estate is akin to life by the water in the city just north of Geelong.

Developer Bisinella won awards for his work on the project and now the owners were reaping the rewards.

“It was a good-sized home, with the number of living spaces looking out over the Great Lakes with uninterrupted sunset views to the west,” Mr. Cleary said.

“You have your neighbors on either side, but nothing but this beautiful prospect.

“The developer who did this – no doubt he put a lot of time and effort into the whole concept in terms of lakeside living and water views.

“The results that are coming in show that the current owners are really benefiting.”

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