Residents of northeast Miami-Dade upset after commission votes to approve land use plan


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida. – Residents of a golf course community in northeast Miami-Dade County are angry about a proposed new development on the property.

Members of the Presidential Estates community feel they are being ignored and that rules established decades ago are being broken, so they want the county to say no to developing the land.

“What they’re basically doing is trying to structure this so that they can do the final round of this, around the owners, not giving us anything. Basically what they said would be the upside for us was the end of the litigation,” said resident Jeffrey Frantz.

The problem for the neighborhood is that it surrounds a golf course that is closely tied to the community, but is privately owned.

For nearly 40 years the owners of the golf course attempted to develop it, but a lawsuit in the 1980s established a set of covenants stating that the space was to remain a golf course or open green space unless ‘a majority of community residents and 75% of immediate area residents approve.

But now the current owners and the Lennar Corporation are trying to build more than 100 homes on the land, frustrating those who say it’s against rules that were reaffirmed as recently as 2009, and those who say this is going to add to already horrible traffic.

“You’re probably looking at 400 or 500 more cars at the end of the day, plus associated suppliers, contractors and construction,” said owners’ association president Amy Chafetz.

Lennar’s lawyers presented their proposal to the commission, which voted 7-2 to approve the developer’s plan.

The owners say they will appeal.

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