Recruit Talk: Prospects Break Down Over Weekend Visit to Ohio State


It’s been another busy week for the Ohio State football staff. Not only training with the current roster, but the coaches also welcomed a long list of potential Buckeyes. Having the chance to see what it would be like to dress for Ryan Day, Larry Johnson, Brian Hartline and the new look of the Ohio State staff, many rookies walked away from Columbus very impressed with what Day and the crew set up and off the soccer field.

Want to know what some of these prospects had to say about their time on campus at The Ohio State University? We have what you need. Land-Grant Holy Land caught up with the following recent visitors and captured their thoughts on the Buckeyes.

DL AJ Hoffler 4 stars

To classify: 2023
Town: Atlanta, Georgia/Woodward Academy
Cut: 6’5/245
Offers: Ohio State, Clemson, Florida, state of florida, Georgia Technologyetc.

Thoughts: “It was a great visit. I was able to see everything I was looking for until this visit and really enjoyed spending more time with Coach J. His main focus was to keep the line I was on and not rush anything, we we broke my film and he told me a few things I should work on.

“At the moment I’m thinking (of committing) after my official visits, but I’m not sure.”

ATH KingJoseph Edwards4-star

To classify: 2024
Town: Dacula, GA/Buford
Cut: 6’5/242
Offers: State of Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, State of Florida, etc.

Thoughts: “It was really good. Coach Johnson is the GOAT. He made my visit interesting. Gave me advice on the upcoming season and told me what I need to work on. He told me that I’m very fast, nimble, humble and would love to see me at OSU.

“I was in a meeting with Coach Day, he asked me a bunch of questions and then proposed to me. It surprised me. It means a lot because Coach Johnson had had about 13 players in the NFL , and for him, to say that I am able to do the same thing inspires me to do better to go harder.

Edge Michael Kilbane 3 stars

To classify: 2023
Town: Lakewood, Ohio/St. Edward
Cut: 6’4/240
Offers: Cincinnati, Northwest, Penn State, West Virginia, Minnesota, etc.

Thoughts: “The trip went really well. I saw the amazing facilities, the coaching philosophies and what really stood out to me was the amazing way Coach Johnson coaches. I spoke with Coach Johnson and he said they need to see how the process goes with the other defensive wings they have offered, but they think I have a great chance to play and have a future there.

“That would obviously be awesome, growing up as an Ohio State fan as a kid would be crazy. Obviously I would have to weigh all my options, but an offer from the Buckeyes would be insane.

OT Ben Roebuck

To classify: 2024
Town: Lakewood, Ohio/St. Edward
Cut: 6’7/320
Offers: State of Penn, Michigan, state of michiganNorthwest, West Virginia, etc.

Thoughts: “The visit went very well. Watching the workout and being able to see Coach Frye’s workout style was super cool. Being in position meetings was also something that stood out to me. The importance of sports and athletics at OSU is what stood out the most. It really makes you feel like you belong there.

“My teammates and I all spoke to Coach Day, who was talking to us about how our offseasons were going. The Armstrongs (Deontae and Devontae) and I spoke to Coach Frye who was talking about how and what we have to do to be able to play in a big school like OSU.

LB Andrew Hines

To classify: 2024
Town: Atlanta, Georgia/Woodward Academy
Cut: 6’1/215
Offers: Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Tennessee, etc.

Thoughts: “The trip to Ohio State went very well. I got to watch practice which was very energetic, got a tour of the athletic facilities with coach Koy, then put on the jerseys, then we had a campus tour which was great. What stood out to me were the NIL agreements for players and how they looked after and ensured that their players had a connection with the alumni. The stadium was another thing that stood out, it was huge. The players were close together and in the morning they played music all over the building to get everyone ready for practice.

“I spoke with Coach Koy McFarland, Coach Matt Guerrieri and Coach Murphy. They all said they would like me to come back to Ohio State and they would keep in touch. An offer from the Ohio State would be great. It would be great to have it and it would certainly be much appreciated.

OT Kam Pringle

To classify: 2024
Town: Dorchester, SC/Woodland
Cut: 6’7/330
Offers: State of Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, USLetc.

Thoughts: “It was great. I was able to talk with most of the coaches and meet a lot of new people. Seeing the facilities and touring the stadium and campus was great. Top program with top people.


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