Ranking Ohio State’s six touchdowns against Iowa


There were a lot of touchdowns scored by the Buckeyes against the Iowa Hawkeye, seven of them to be exact. So since we live in a listicular world, we break them down, scientifically, of course.

And since this is my column, I reserve the right to change my judging criteria from week to week, heck, even from touchdown to touchdown. In some cases I will judge a piece by its importance in the grand scheme of the game, others by degree of difficulty, story, and sheer entertainment value.

If you disagree with my rankings (which my six-plus years here at LGHL tell me you absolutely will), feel free to share your list in the comments below.

Ok, now, without further ado, drum roll, please………

Sixth place: Touchdown #1
Miyan Williams 2 meter run

This one is a pretty indescribable short-range rushing touchdown, but it gets some extra love because Miyan Williams is back in the rotation for ohio state after missing the state of michigan Game. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a ton of success in that game — 19 yards on 10 carries — and he didn’t look. to be 100%, especially as the game progressed.

Hopefully he just needed to knock off some rust, because having him (and TreVeyon Henderson) healthy for the stretch run will be of monumental importance to the title chances of the Ohio State.

6th place: 2-yard run by Miyan Willians

Score Good marks Deductions
Score Good marks Deductions
5.75 Well blocked, it’s nice to see Miyan again and avoid the tacklers in the hole Short distance, fairly simple run

Fifth place: Touchdown #6
CJ Stroud’s Mitch Rossi 3-yard touchdown reception

Look, we love any pass game called specifically for the back, but this one was actually a pretty impressive design. On the play-action, Mitch Rossi slips into the apartment and makes himself available to CJ Stroud. The quarterback does a good job of not shooting the ball on his FB and giving him a smooth, easy pass to catch before turning around on the field.

The linebacker was initially sucked in by the fake (and never expected a third pass and a goal to go Rossi’s way. However, once he realizes what’s going on, he tries to catch up, but Rossi is too strong to go down before getting up to the end zone.

5th Place: Mitch Rossi 3-Yard Reception

Score Good marks Deductions
Score Good marks Deductions
6.32 Nice design, good touch on the pass, back reception At close range, the Iowa defense was completely confused and demoralized

Fourth place: Touchdown #3
CJ Stroud’s Marvin Harrison 6-yard touchdown reception

Marv goes Marv and he went down and got that throw kinda off target from Stroud. I also didn’t like the game design on a fourth down to roll your quarterback to the side of the field where he only had one option to throw it.

Luckily it worked and Harrison Jr. got the score, but it was just a wobbly, short-range play that felt like a lot more difficult than necessary.

4th place: Marvin Harrison Landing on 6 meters

Score Good marks Deductions
Score Good marks Deductions
6.89 Beautiful Hands by Marv Bad design to have only one option, low range

Third place: Touchdown #2
15-yard interception return from Tommy Eichenberg

Look, Tommy Eichenberg is one of the best linebackers (if not the best linebacker) in the country, but because he didn’t come into the season with as much hype as Noah Sewell or Henry To’o To’o, I don’t think he gets as much love as he deserves. While scoring touchdowns obviously isn’t the thing Tommy does best, having that on the resume can definitely help when it comes to Butkus’ voting time.

Not only is Eichenberg displaying some pretty impressive hands here, but he’s also making a midfield cut to get into the end zone, which makes it look like he could be an emergency return option with Chip Trayanum.

3rd place: Tommy Eichenberg interception return on 15 yards

Score Good marks Deductions
Score Good marks Deductions
7.62 Nice hands for an LB, good cut to get into the end zone, bonus points for the defensive TD Petras Horrible Pass

Second Place: Touchdown #5
CJ Stroud’s Julian Fleming 79-yard touchdown reception

It was an almost perfectly pitched ball that basically hit Julian Fleming in stride. It was such a well-placed pass that even though the Iowa defender had relatively decent coverage, he had no chance of making a play on the ball and when he tried, he went completely out of play. .

If the corner hadn’t fallen, I think Fleming still has a chance to score, just because he’s so quick and so strong.

2nd place: catch of Julian Fleming on 79 meters

Score Good marks Deductions
Score Good marks Deductions
8.84 Almost perfectly in stride, grilled Iowa DB, Bosa ¯_(ツ)_/¯ in the end zone It was so good it almost looked too easy. DB wiffed during a diversion attempt

First place: Touchdown #4
Emeka Egbuka 13-yard touchdown reception from CJ Stroud

Literally the only thing keeping him from being one of the best TDs of the year is the fact that he was relatively short and the Iowa defense had already given up by this point. The touch Stroud puts on this ball is amazing and the way Emeka Egbuka calmly watches the ball fly through the air, only to put his hands up to catch at the last possible second is exactly what you would expect from an elite receiver .

The Iowa defensive back probably wasn’t going to break up the pass anyway, but the fact that Egbuka didn’t tip his hand as the ball came in ensured there was no chance of a deflection. Great job on this one.

1st Place: Emeka Egbuka 13-Yard Receiving

Score Good marks Deductions
Score Good marks Deductions
9.47 The touch on the pass is amazing, didn’t catch until the last second to lure the defender, the placement was perfect None

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