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Podcast: The Industrial Real Estate Show with Chad Griffiths

Guest Jake Clopton, founder of Clopton Capitaljoins host Chad Griffiths to discuss the state of commercial and industrial commercial real estate financing.

Clopton negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in home loans and consultancy work. He and Griffiths discuss the following topics/questions:

– What impact will rising interest rates have on the market?

– How long will this inflationary environment last?

– The inverted yield curve. Now what?

– What is the impact of short-term industrial leases on financing conditions?

The interview was conducted live, so questions and comments will appear in the chat window in real time.

Clopton founded Clopton Capital in 2010 and is active in all commercial mortgage brokerage transactions.

He has extensive experience in commercial finance and interest rate markets, serves as company president and chief mortgage broker, and personally oversees each loan agreement.

Prior to founding the company, Clopton traded interest rate hedging futures. He has worked with the largest participant in the Eurodollar futures market (LIBOR) and gained in-depth knowledge of the interest rate and trade finance markets.


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