NFL QB tier list: Where does Rams’ Matthew Stafford land?


Even after 12 respected years with the Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Rams strategist Matthew Stafford still had a world of things to prove when the Rams traded him last offseason.

But now with a superbowl ring, he easily established himself as one of the best QBs in the league. And apparently CBS Sports agrees.

The site published its List of 2022 NFL quarterbacks Wednesday and ranked Stafford among the best of the best at the No. 1 level, which was tagged “Bona Fide Franchise QBs.”

Matthew Stafford

Here’s last year’s and this year’s No. 1 tier along with the analysis of the picks:

2021: Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Russell Wilson, Justin Herbert, Deshaun Watson
2022: Mahomes, Brady, Rodgers, Jackson, Allen, Wilson, Herbert, Joe Burrow, Matt Stafford

If your team doesn’t have a top-flight quarterback, they probably have no real chance of competing in 2022. These are the ultimate equalizers. They are essential in the modern game. Just look at the recent updates that the Buccaneers and Rams made to this post which resulted in a Lombardi Trophy the following year. It tells you everything you need to know.

The only reason Burrow wasn’t on this list a year ago was because he was recovering from major knee surgery. It was fair to wonder when he would be fully back and when he would get over the mental and physical aspect of the process, not to mention him having to play behind a bad offensive line. Well, we all know how it happened. Surprising. And for years people would look at this column and tear me apart for putting Stafford too high in their rating. People thought I overrated him. Ask Sean McVay about it.

Matthew Stafford

Last season, Stafford threw for the league’s third-most passing yards (4,886), second-most touchdowns (41) and tied his own career high for completion percentage. one season (67.2%). Only Justin Herbert and Tom Brady, who are also on the first tier, had more passing yards.

Stafford’s passing performance throughout last season is even more impressive considering how porous Los Angeles’ running game was. The Rams had a forgettable eighth-worst hasty attack that averaged just 99 rushing yards per game.

From poor defenses during his years in Detroit to rushing attacks last season, Stafford has proven he can lead a team to victory through it all and comfortably earns his place among the NFL’s top QBs.

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