Lightning Tachyon Nb Eyes Electric Motorcycle Land Spee…


Lightning Motorcycles has unveiled the machine tasked with reclaiming its world land speed record for electric motorcycles, the Lightning Tachyon Nb…even though its target top speed is well below the current record holder.

Revealed to world media today, Lightning says he will soon be heading to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA to attempt a new speed record for electric motorcycles. So far, so legit.

However, where things start to get confusing is Lightning’s proud claim that the Tachyon Nb is capable of breaking the 250mph speed barrier.

As impressive as that is, however, it’s quite confusingly short of what’s widely referenced as the current world land speed record for electric motorcycles (simplified).

That title (we thought) belongs to the Voxan Wattmann, who hit 283 mph at the Space Florida Launch and Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center with two-time WorldSBK champion Max Biaggi at the controls in November 2021.

It’s a record parent company that Venturi proudly presented as part of the Franco-Monegasque company…but Lightning Motorcycles making no reference to it raises the question of whether Voxan’s status is official.

According to Venturi, the record attempt was verified but took place under the regulations of motorcycling sport’s governing body, the FIM.

As such, given the ubiquity of the Bonneville Salt Flats for world record attempts, it is plausible that speeds recorded with proven equipment in a standard location means that only that can independently verify the results. Answers on a postcard, please?

Expect this one to rumble, but Voxan probably has a few spare numbers just in case it decides to rock Utah anytime soon…

Introducing the Lightning Tachyon Nb

The successor to the LS-218 – a stripped down version of the Strike electric sport bike that held the record for a few years – the Tachyon Nb represents a more dedicated attempt by Lightning to build a more advanced speed machine.

As such, the Tachyon Nb – so called in reference to the hypothetical particle that travels faster than the speed of light – is a slim, streamlined motorcycle that bears all the characteristics of a high-speed train inside. forward and a rudder aft.

At the heart of the Lightning Tachyon Nb record attempt is the use of niobium, a metal believed to be more wear resistant for improved efficiency, as well as greater energy density compared to lithium-ion batteries. traditional.

Referenced by the “Nb” in the name of the motorcycle, this innovation is the result of a collaborative project between Lightning and the Brazilian company CBMM, the world’s largest supplier of this material.

“We are thrilled to announce the Tachyon Nb, our new electric superbike developed to break the current Bonneville land speed record,” said Richard Hatfield, CEO and Founder of Lightning Motorcycles.

“Innovation is in Lighting’s DNA. This partnership allows both companies to take electric vehicle technology to a new level. Lightning’s vision is to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and drive the adoption of electric motorcycles globally.


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