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J&K Waqf Board Chairman Dr Darakshan Andrabi addressing a meeting of Muslim scholars in Srinagar.

“Interaction with Islamic Scholars”

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JAMMU, 27th August: Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board, Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi today said that legal action will be taken in cases of leasing Waqf land for political considerations to people influential in the past and will be revered/cancelled shortly.
She said this while addressing a gathering of Islamic scholars at the Nigeen Club in Srinagar today. The event was organized by the Sunni Ulema Council J&K which was attended by Islamic scholars from all districts of J&K.
The Ulema presented a memorandum in which they shared their suggestions on streamlining the Waqf management system in all areas of UT. Chairman of the Council Maulana Basharat Hussain Saqafi thanked Dr. Darakhshan and the Waqf Council for his recent decisions to clean up the working system in all Sufi shrines of J&K and also for the measures to make the Waqf at J&K a productive business by restructuring the rent and Waqf property allocation system in UT. Maulana said that for the first time, the whole of J&K praises the actions taken by the board.
Dr. Darakhshan was accompanied by the Director General of the Waqf Council, Dr. Syed Majid Jahangir. She commended the scholars and preachers for their united initiative to support the ground-breaking rulings of the Waqf.
In his address, Dr. Darakhshan said that the Council has decided to take all difficult measures to manage the great Sufi shrines, assets and properties of the Council at all costs in accordance with the central Waqf law, so that the trust of the inhabitants of the J&K Waqf Board is reestablished.
“I thank the people for their support for the decisions of the Waqf Council to cleanse the system of illegal practices, misuse of public donations in shrines. In a few months, we repair the CCTV cameras in all the shrines,” she added.
Andrabi said that according to the central Waqf law, the residential lease of Waqf properties is null and void and therefore the council has started the legal process to vacate all leased residential properties that have been distributed to influential people on political considerations.

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