Land Profit Generator is ranked among the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. 5000

Phoenix, AZ, September 01, 2022 — ( — Land Profit Generator, the leading land investment business incubator in the United States and abroad, has been recognized in the annual Inc. 5000 list fastest growing private companies in the United States, affirming the firm’s position as a leader in land investment coaching.

According to Inc 5000, Land Profit Generator is ranked the 102nd fastest growing company in the Southwest region and 2787 nationally. Over the past three years, the company has grown over 199%, growing from a humble team of five in 2019 to a full-time and growing workforce of over 50.

Founded by pioneering real estate investors Jack and Michelle Bosch, the Land Profit Generator specializes in teaching potential investors how to build successful real estate investment businesses using the same business model that allowed the couple to create a real estate empire in eight figures in less than 20 years. .

“Having struggled to break into the house flipping market early in our career, we came across a little-known and very undervalued piece of real estate in a vacant lot,” says Jack. “When we started, there were no land flip methods and we had to learn everything by trial and error. However, we persevered, perfected our business model and managed to earn our first $18 million months after the launch of our land investment business,” says Jack.

Having achieved their financial goals through their unique approach to real estate investing, Jack and Michelle decided they wanted to share what they had learned with the world, and the Land Profit Generator was born.

“We could have continued to build our real estate portfolio in isolation and sit back enjoying the lifestyle that consistent passive income can buy,” says Michelle. “However, being first-generation immigrants to the United States who had lived this illusory American dream for ourselves, it didn’t feel right to us. We both wanted to be part of something bigger. We wanted to share our knowledge and experience with others so that the transformation we have experienced in our lives can be shared,” says Michelle.

Today, the Land Profit Generator guides thousands of people through their Land Profit Masterclasses, empowering people to retire from corporate employment, become debt-free, and realize their life goals through investing. real estate with raw land.

“Today we celebrate a huge leap forward for a small coaching business that started with us delivering our first event to an empty room. Nothing has fulfilled us more than seeing ordinary people transforming their lives, their finances and their freedom thanks to the reversal of the earth”, explains Michelle.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to generate passive and active income without the hassle of traditional real estate, join Jack, Michelle and the Land Profit Generator team in Scottsdale, Arizona from October 7-9.

During this three-day in-person event, you will have the opportunity to learn how to maximize your earning potential as a real estate investor, even in today’s volatile markets.

Visit to find out more and reserve your spot.


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