Lair Land Story Launch Trailer


To celebrate the arrival of History of Lairland on Switch, PQube and Circle Entertainment have shared a launch trailer. The fantasy revival simulator has arrived on Nintendo’s console to close out the week.

For those interested in learning more about Lair Land Story, we have the following overview:

When Herol finds Chilia – a mysterious and magical girl who saved her war-torn town from destruction – she seems to have lost all memory. With no memory of his previous life and powers, he decides to take her in. As a Herol, you now have to raise Chilia for four years, plan her daily life, and help her develop her character and skills. !​


Spend four years with Chilia and support her as she grows into a young woman. Help build her character and improve her skills to prepare her for life after your care.

Plan Chilia’s day by having her work, rebuild, study, or rest, with each activity affecting her popularity, exhaustion, and motivation. Chilia’s skills such as charisma and cuteness will change depending on how you plan her day.

Your decisions will also decide Chilia’s faith, so think carefully! Whether she works as a seamstress, housekeeper or church clerk instead of letting her study will impact her development and character.


Take a break from your guardian duties to explore the land and discover what the kingdom has to offer. Visit friends, have a drink or take Chilia to the salon to change her look.

During your free days, help Herol find the girl of his dreams and choose between a number of potential suitors, from princesses to mischievous thieves.

Although the war is over thanks to the heroic deeds of Chilia, the city has yet to recover. Help the townspeople and support the victims of war as best you can, but beware of the evil that always lurks in the shadows.

Main characteristics

  • Raising Chilia – Every decision you make will impact Chilia’s characteristics and opinions, so choose wisely!
  • Plan Chilia’s day – Plan her schedule, including chores and lessons, but make sure you don’t bore her or her performance may suffer!
  • Uncover Chilia’s Mysterious Past – Now it’s up to you to help Chilia remember who she is and where she came from. Discover the mystery of why she received the blessing of the goddess
  • Finding true love – Raising a child can be difficult, so don’t forget to seek your own happiness too
  • Explore the city – Explore the kingdom and get to know the people. Spend time in the square, relax at the bar or change your look at the beauty salon
  • Aid Lair Land – The war is over, but the kingdom has yet to recover. Help rebuild the kingdom’s landmarks and aid the citizens, but beware of any evil that still lurks in the shadows

Take a look at the Lair Land Story launch trailer below.

Lair Land Story is now available on the Switch eShop.


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