Joey Sheehan, Main Line real estate agent, author of a book on residential real estate


Image via Facebook by Joey Sheehan.

Main Line real estate agent Joey Sheehan is writing a new book about his real estate experiences.

After selling homes for more than three decades, Main Line real estate agent Joey Sheehan decided to share his experiences in an eye-opening book on residential real estate titled Open Day! An insider’s tour of the secret world of residential real estate for agents, sellers and buyerswrites Melody Simmons for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The 73-year-old is a former scholar who studied at Johns Hopkins and Harvard and focused on Chinese history.

However, decades ago she decided to change her life and entered the world of competitive sales which she details in her book.

In the book, Sheehan outlines some of the highlights of her successful career and makes it even more interesting by adding stories of home sales that went right, wrong, and ugly.

She also offers Sheehan’s Twelve Laws of Real Estate which include “the first offer is the best offer” and “it ain’t over till it’s over”.

“I wrote this book to give back to my industry,” she said. “My regional manager said, ‘Joey, who among us doesn’t have any crazy stories and we always say we should write a book.’ So I did.

Read more about the book in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

In this video, Joey Sheehan talks about how she decided to write a book about her real estate experiences.


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