JDA Law Enforcement Team is releasing their own land worth Rs 10 crore!


Jaipur: Taking major action on Saturday, the JDA Law Enforcement Squad secured the land owned by JDA, with a market value of Rs 10 crore, without encroachment. This major step was taken under the instructions of JDA Commissioner Ravi Jain. The squad took action in plot number 7 of Chandrakala settlement in Durgapura where a 4 storey building was illegally erected without leaving any setbacks, after occupying the said plot.

On this land of 333 square meters, a hostel was operated on the first and second floors, and the lobby on the 3rd floor, in the rear part, was sealed. In the action taken under the direction of Chief Enforcement Controller Raghuveer Saini, the entrance and stairs were sealed off with a brick wall and lockable doors. In particular, the party concerned had appealed to the JDA court. After the appeal was dismissed, JDA filed suit. Earlier on March 16 of this year, the Enforcement Squad sealed off the front part of the building. A family currently lives in the back and JDA will take action in a day or two to clean that part as well.

After that, JDA will initiate the process of auctioning the land and is expecting around Rs 10 crore from the auction.
The enforcement squad also released half a bigha of land in the downstream area of ​​the Nevata dam against encroachment.


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