Government warns Kenyans about land along Nairobi highway


The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has warned Kenyans against buying land along the Nairobi highway located around the Mombasa road.

In a notice from KURA on Wednesday, May 4, the agency said it was the rightful owner of the land between Ramtons’ operations and maintenance offices and the freeway.

The Authority added that it purchased parcels of land in 2014 and plans to use the land to complete construction of the City Cabanas Interchange.

A section of the Nairobi Highway along Mombasa Road


“Take note that the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has acquired through a compulsory acquisition process all of these TWO plots of land known as registration numbers: LR No. 209/14694/1 and LR No. 209/14694/2 is located between the highway, Operations and Maintenance offices and the Ramtons building opposite City Cabanas along Mombasa Road in Nairobi County,” reads the communicated.

KURA added that there were fraudsters who had claimed ownership of the land and were selling it to unsuspecting Kenyans.

The road agency noted that it would not compensate Kenyans who are defrauded through the scheme.

“It has come to our attention that various persons and entities are fraudulently claiming ownership and/or unlawfully attempting to claim ownership of said land. KURA advises members of the public not to make any payments or engage with such entities or their agents or proxies.

“KURA will not honor any agreement, contract or arrangement made with persons purporting to have authority to transact on said parcel of land, whether in the manner described above or in respect of such transaction,” the statement read in part.

KURA’s notice comes just weeks after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) warned Nairobi landlords of a fraudulent scheme that targeted plots of land in the city’s upmarket estates.

The police noted that the syndicate implied that the fraudsters forged title deeds before selling land and houses at ridiculous prices to real estate companies.

This was after they arrested a 30 year old man who was trying to sell an apartment valued at Ksh 40 million to Ksh 11 million.

“The suspect was arrested minutes before he signed a deal to earn millions of shillings without a sweat by selling a flat in Nairobi’s posh suburb of Westlands,” DCI noted.

Undated file image of two men being handcuffed by police

A file image of two men handcuffed by police

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