Fuel Tax Relief Continues at Georgia State Land Line


Georgia’s fuel tax exemption will continue for at least one month.

Governor Brian Kemp acted this week to extend the state’s tax holiday through Nov. 11. The tax relief for gasoline and diesel purchases was to continue until October 12.

The state normally collects a gasoline tax of 29.1 cents and a diesel tax of 32.6 cents.

Sixth round of tax relief

The latest extension by executive order marks the sixth time the governor has acted to suspend fuel tax collection.

In March, state lawmakers approved a bill and Kemp signed into law a suspension of state fuel taxes through May 31.

The governor said at the time that the state was well positioned to provide tax relief due to a $3.7 billion budget surplus through fiscal year 2021.

Kemp then moved to extend the price break until mid-July. He has since signed five monthly extensions.

Two executive orders

In addition to the executive order suspending the collection of state fuel tax and state sales tax on locomotive fuel, a second executive order extends the supply chain emergency until November 11.

The governor said high inflation and the aftermath of Hurricane Ian warrant another extension.

“While Georgia was largely spared the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian, Florida and South Carolina suffered both significant destruction and flooding,” Kemp said in a news release. “While my executive orders cannot undo the mess Washington has caused, I hope they ease some of the added pressure on Georgians from the lingering impact of this major storm.”

The governor is required to issue an executive order to make changes because the legislature has adjourned for the year.

Fuel prices in Georgia remain below the national average

Kemp said the state of Georgia’s fiscally conservative approach to budgeting allows them to extend the state’s fuel tax suspension.

The average diesel price in Georgia is about 30 cents lower than the national average for a gallon of highway diesel fuel, according to AAA. The state’s average gas price is about 67 cents lower than the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline. LL

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