Evacuation flight from Bucharest to land in Delhi at 4 p.m.; Mumbai sees power outage as Tata factory travels and more headline stories


Live news updates from the Russia-Ukraine war: Indian evacuation flight from Bucharest to Delhi at 4 p.m.; Air raid alerts in Rivne, Lutsk

Two massive explosions seen in Kyiv originated from around Vasylkiv, as an oil terminal was targeted by Russian strikes and locals sought to be evacuated, according to reports. CNN reported that the two massive explosions that lit up the night sky appear to have occurred near Vasylkiv, about 30 kilometers (18 miles) south of Kiev. Vasylkiv has a large military airfield as well as numerous fuel tanks. According to Ukrainian officials, the area was the scene of heavy fighting on Friday evening. READ MORE

Mumbai sees power outage as Tata factory kicks in, blackout at Matunga, Churchgate; Local rail services are affected

After Mumbai residents woke up without power on Sunday morning, BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal confirmed the power outage was in progress due to a trip at the Tata power plant. BMC said work was underway to restore power to the island city shortly, and it could take at least an hour for power to be restored to all areas. “Due to the tripping of the MSEB 220 KV transmission line on Mulund-Trombay, the power supply to most parts of Mumbai has been affected as informed by the Head of Power Supply Division of BEST “, did he declare. BEST in an official statement said: “Due to the Tata grid outage, there is no electricity in Sion, Matunga, Parel, Dadar, CSMT, Byculla, Churchgate and other areas. restoration are currently in progress. READ MORE

Saga of Courage, Good Humor and Grace: From Comedy to Wartime Leader, Zelensky’s Journey to Ukraine

When little Volodymyr Zelenskyy was growing up in southeastern Ukraine, his Jewish family spoke Russian and his father once forbade the young boy from going to study abroad in Israel. Instead, Zelenskyy studied law at home. After graduating, he found a new home in film and comedy – exploding in the 2010s to become one of Ukraine’s top entertainers with the TV series ‘Servant of the People’. politicians who accidentally becomes president. READ MORE

India’s fourth wave of Covid-19 could start around June 22 and last for 4 months: IIT-K researchers

Even as the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India is on the decline, researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT-K) have predicted that the fourth wave could start around June 22 and continue until to October 24. The severity of the wave, they said, will depend on the emergence of new variants, vaccination status and the administration of booster doses. IIT-K researchers predicted that if there was a fourth wave, it would last at least four months, The Times of India reported. The statistical prediction was published on the preprint server MedRxiv on February 24. READ MORE

Elon Musk gains new fans after responding to Ukrainian minister and providing Starlink service

Elon Musk gained some extra fans on the internet by responding to the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and providing them with Starlink stations. Starlink, which is an offering from Musk’s SpaceX company, provides satellite internet access. In a tweet, the Ukrainian official had asked Musk to provide the beleaguered country with Starlink stations so that it stays connected to the world. In about 10 hours, Musk responded to the tweet saying the service was now active in Ukraine. READ MORE

Anastasia Lenna, former Miss Greater Ukraine, joins the fight against the Russian invasion

The Russian invasion of Ukraine took the whole world by surprise. As politicians and world leaders offer help to Ukraine – military and otherwise, the people of the country have taken up arms to defend their land. Several images of citizens joining the war have gone viral in the past week, and now the beauty queen and former Miss Grand Ukraine have joined the military to fight the Russian invasion. Taking her Instagram handle, Anastasiia Lenna, who represented Ukraine at the Miss Grand International 2015 beauty pageant, uploaded some photos where she can be seen carrying guns. READ MORE

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