Engine parts from a Boeing 747 land on a house in Belgium

The plane was an Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747 (file photo).

Dale Coleman/wikimedia commons

The plane was an Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747 (file photo).

A homeowner in Belgium has spoken of his shock after parts of a 747 engine fell on his garage and garden.

The incident happened late on September 8 (local time) as Air Atlanta’s Icelandic Boeing 747-400F was climbing after takeoff from Liege airport. The cargo flight, operated by Magma Aviation, was heading to Malta.

Louis Demaret and his wife Domenica were in bed when they heard a loud bang.

“We were in our room and we heard the sound of a plane flying over the house at low altitude. Shortly after it passed, a very loud noise occurred,” he told French publication 7sur7.

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“I thought it was due to the storm and nothing was visible from our window. It was only in the morning that we noticed the presence of the room and the damage.

The engine cover had damaged part of the roof of his garage and was lying in the garden.

“I was lucky to escape,” Demaret told Belgian news channel RTBF. “If he had fallen and gone through the roof of the house, I was in my room, [it would have been] in my bed.”

The plane landed without incident in Malta, and an investigation has been opened.

Fortunately, this kind of incident is rare, but it does happen. In February 2021, a United Airlines Boeing 777 had to make an emergency landing in Denver, United States, after one of its engines exploded, sending debris crashing to the ground.

Part of the engine rim landed in the front yard of a Colorado home.


Part of the engine rim landed in the front yard of a Colorado home.

Hours before the Denver flight, a Boeing 747 cargo plane in the Netherlands suffered an engine failure that resulted in engine parts falling to the ground. In December 2020, a Japan Airlines Boeing 777 suffered fan blade damage and lost a large panel, but was able to land safely.

In 2018, another United Airlines Boeing 777 suffered an engine failure that caused parts of the case to break off and fall into the Pacific Ocean while the plane was flying from San Francisco to Honolulu.

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