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LA Wiradyuri Traditional Owners Central West Aboriginal Corporation has accused the Bathurst Regional Council of ignoring a protection order on land atop Mount Panorama. The allegations, which the council denied, were made at a press conference on Wednesday. READ MORE: Greens call on federal government to fund plan for Mount Panorama Elder Brian Grant (Mallyan) says council has not communicated with elders about running the site and claims that he was ignoring the protection order while clearing the vegetation. “The management plan hasn’t been presented at all. Certainly we hear a lot about this ‘We’re going to run the place’. Look at it now, how well it’s run. It’s just a pitch wave,” he said. mentioned. “They came in here a very short time ago, put a tractor and a mockingbird there, just destroyed the outline of the place and killed the whole grassy boxwood forest. We know that the grassy boxwood forest here n is not protected by legislation because it was before that, but at least respect the fact that it is a grassy boxwood forest. “There are a dozen plants there that are used by the peoples traditional, the Wiradyuri, for medicine and nutrition. All of that has been reduced, so that year’s growth is gone. We have to wait another year. “It’s another year on top of the minister’s decision being completely ignored; in whatever form they didn’t buy into it. We heard the council say – the old council, we don’t haven’t heard any new advice yet – ‘We’ll respect the referee’s decision.'” Well, I’m sorry to say, the referee made the decision and no one sued it. The bell rang for an entire year and no one came to the center to make proper decisions about running this place for the Wiradyuri and the wider community. They ignored everyone.” When approached for a response to the complaints, the council’s chief executive, David Sherley, denied there had been any communication, but said the council is limited in what it may discuss with the WTOCWAC due to pending legal action.” With respect to work in progress, the council has at all times informed the WTOCWAC and the Federal Government that work is in progress “, did he declare. “The federal government, which is the independent arbiter, raised no objections. “Throughout the process, the council have been transparent and have always provided notice of work beyond what is required under the legislation.” The majority of the area to be built for the go-kart track was previously a private land. before the council bought it and no public access was available. “Due to the litigation initiated by the WTOCWAC, the council is limited in what it can discuss with the WTOCWAC with respect to the area covered by Section 10 at the top of Mount Panorama – Wahluu. This legal action is ongoing. even though the go-kart track is not in progress, in accordance with the Article 10 declaration.” Mr Sherley said it was “disappointing” to report that the council was not communicating. “The council continues to work with the WTOCWAC and other indigenous groups in the community and it is disappointing that there are allegations that the council is not communicating with the parties,” he said. “Over the past few months , the Council has undertaken many activities with the WTOCWAC and other Aboriginal groups in the community. More recently, a WTOCWAC member hosted the Welcome to Country at the Panthers NRL match and WTOCWAC members worked with Council staff to deliver River Connections projects. with local schoolchildren for whom they were paid. “The Council has also invited and accepted WTOCWAC members to upcoming motor racing events. Additionally, I note that the Council has worked closely with WTOCWAC in the creation of the public artwork on the building. of the Post Office titled Blue Banded Bee Creation Story 2022 as part of the Streets as Shared Spaces project.” I also note that WTOCWAC members participated in the development of the Indigenous Engagement Strategy that will guide the Council in further developing the relationship between the Council and the Aboriginal community.” The council is also considering developing a master plan for McPhillamy Park, considered developing one at its February 18 meeting. The matter was brought forward to the 2022-23 budget process for review. Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:




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