East Cobb Residential Real Estate Sales, September 26-30, 2022

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The following deeds for East Cobb residential real estate sales were filed September 26-30, 2022 with the Cobb Superior Court Clerk’s Office Real Estate Service

Addresses include postal codes; the names of the subdivisions and school districts are in parentheses:

September 26

911 Tisdale Trail, 30068 (The Reserve at Olde Towne, Walton): Pulte Home Co. LLC to Hakan and Asli Dogru; 4669 875

1322 Garrick Road, 30068 (Camden Place, Walton): Dorothy Reichmann to Marilyn Li and Shu Kwun Liu; $810,000

2855 Forrest Wood Drive, 30066 (Forest Chase, Lassiter): American Investments LLC to Open House Atlanta Realty & Investments; $361,000

3711 Northpoint Drive, 30062 (Spring Wood, Lassiter): Kathleen Strickland to Rachel Dutton; $485,000

3051 Hacienda Court, 30066 (Rio Montana, Sprayberry): HPA JV Borrower of David Smith; $255,600

2375 Pinkney Drive, 30062 (Sprayberry): Opendoor Property LLC to Trevor and Jia Lin Burke; $450.00

2018 Renford Point, 30062 (Cambridge Park, Sprayberry): George Vlahos to Yuanjin Li and Yiwei Yu; $500,000

3630 Blakeford Club Drive, 30062 (Blake Ford, Pope): Christine and Stephen DeFrank to John and Gynne Leach; $870,000

1300 Spindlewood Drive, 30062 (Spindlewood, Walton): Lawrence Harper to Nicholas Merizzi; $2.6 million

1038 Circle of Azaleas, 30062 (Eastwood Forest, Sprayberry): Anne Murigi to Crystal Shell and Bailey Sulcer; $310,000

3099 Glove Quarters Way, 30068 (Gant Quarters, Wheeler): Stephen Edwards at Thomas House and Elizabeth Sellito; $555,000

1640 Court of Alexandria, 30067 (Bentley Ridge, Wheeler): Danielle Smith to Monsioh and Tiffany Doh; $207,000

September 27

4863 Old Mountain Park Road, 30075 (Summit Chase, Lassiter): Duncan Land Investments LLC to Jeff A. Hedden Builders LLC; $607,500

4399 Capstone Road, 30075 (Summit Chase, Lassiter): Duncan Land Investments LLC to JPH Builders; $405,000

4395 Capstone Road, 30075 (Summit Chase, Lassiter): Duncan Land Investments LLC to Jeff A. Hedden Builders LLC; $607,500

4391 Capstone Road, 30075 (Summit Chase, Lassiter): Duncan Land Investments LLC to JPH Builders; $405,000

4383 Capstone Road, 30075 ((Summit Chase, Lassiter): Duncan Land Investments LLC to Jeff A. Hedden Builders LLC; $607,500

2790 Field Creek Yard, 30062 (Timber Bluff, Pope): Joseph Jarquin to Gregory and Samantha Hemphill; $348,000

2166 Wilmington Circle, 30066 (Rutherford, Sprayberry): Stanley Kyeyune to Michael and Silvia Emunson; $429,900

2238 Kristen Mill Drive, 30062 (Kristen Mill, Sprayberry): Craig Ryan at OP SPE TPA1 LLC; $403,050

1240 Red Fox Trail, 30068 (Seven Springs, Walton): James Golden at Kaotic Res LLC; $255,000

1092 Creek Ave, 30062 (Overbrook, Sprayberry): Senn Inc. to Resicap Georgia Owner III LLC; $320,000

September 28

4599 Salmo Drive, 30076 (Child’s Walk, Pope): Jeff A. Hedden Builders LLC to Harlin Saroya and Ameya Gholf; $1.124 million

4391 Sandy Plains Road, 30066 (Mountain Ridge, Sprayberry): Opendoor Property LLC to SHV Homes 4 LLC; $435,000

3659 Autumn Ridge Parkway, 30066 (Blackwell Chase, Sprayberry): Terry and Nancy Holcombe to Bradley Prater; $425,000

1813 Chasewood Park Drive, 30066 (Chasewood Park, Sprayberry): Regina Asuquo at Redfinnow Borrower LLC; $402,000

2286 Sandy Oaks Square, 30066 (Sandy Oaks, Sprayberry): Marianne Woodruff to Judith Ellis; $535,000

2195 Whitehall Drive, 30066 (Churchill Village, Sprayberry): Pradeep Bhadsavle to Sri Harini Yalla; $399,999

2099 Glenridge Court, 30062 (Glenwood Ridge, Sprayberry): Christy Wilson to Peter and Debra Rassel; $476,500

3467 Fox Hollow Drive, 30068 (Fox Hollow, Walton): Opendoor Property Trust in Di Cheng; $540,000

September 29

4638 Dandelion Circle, 30067 (Woodlawn Park, Walton): 2018-1 IH Borrower LP to Kariny Vas Ribeiro-Ridge and Wakter Dias; $698,500

3944 Camrose Square, 30062 (North Highlands Village, Lassiter): Nigel and Elizabeth Heywood to Caitlin Sabers and Matthew Smith; $515,000

3797 Apple Way, 30066 (North Ridge, Sprayberry): Jane McArdle to Sharon Kirk; $540,000

3832 Meadow Alley, 30062 (Rolling Acres, Pope): Open House Atlanta Realty & Investments to Machine Craft Co. Ltd. ; $527,000

2984 Christophers Court, 30062 (Christophers Corner, Sprayberry): Open House Atlanta Realty & Investments to Hideaki Kobayashi; $430,000

72 Court Jennifer, 30062 (Heartwood, Pope): Daniel and Janice Thompson to Virginia and Harry Motschenbacher and John and Jennifer Webb; $411,000

2704 Tritt Springs Drive, 30062 (Post Oak Springs, Pope): Open House Atlanta Realty & Investments for Shiga Kankyo Maintenance Co. Ltd. ; $660,000

2606 Bob Bettis Road, 30066 (Village North, Sprayberry): Morris REI Inc. in Mauritius and Kellay Chapman; $429,900

1625 Sonya Drive, 30066 (Village North, Sprayberry): Open House Atlanta Realty & Investments to TV Shopping Laboratory Co. Ltd. ; $376,000

1531 Linley Trace, 30066 (Landsdowne, Sprayberry): Cody Shoniber to Sarah McMullen; $500,000

2367 Barrett Cottage Place, Building 1, 30066 (Chalets in Bells Ferry, Sprayberry): Allison Hickman to Paul Orlando; $333,000

2338 Talamill Drive, 30066 (Talamill, Sprayberry): Open House Atlanta Realty & Investments to Adams Security Co. Ltd. ; $678,000

23421 Port Snug, 30066 (St. Charles Square, Sprayberry): Shashank Banerjea to Mathew Varghese and Thirumagal Baskar; $570,000

4058 Penhurst Drive, 30062 (Penhurst, Walton): Hubbard and Rachel Burrows to Micah and Jennifer Miller; $825,000

142 Dickson Court, 30066 (Trojan Hills, Sprayberry): The estate of Miguel Angel Breban to Jhon Astuhuaman; $250,000

1416 Brookcliff Drive, 30062 (Brookcliff, Walton): Open House Atlanta Realty & Investments to Kenichi Yamamoto; $605,000

120 Paddock Court, 30067 (Fox Hills, Wheeler): Robert and Barbara Lemon to Nigel and Elizabeth Heywood; $455,000

922 Burns Drive, 30067 (Tuxedo Estates, Wheeler): John Gabrik to Naor Real Estate LLC; $290,000

September 30

4516 Exmoor Drive, 30067 (Fainview Farm, Walton): Paul Drilling to Andrew and Laura Addess; $655,000

4193 Nowata Drive, 30075 (Indian Creek, Lassiter): Kaona Milbourne to Mensch Capital LLC; $345,000

4533 Reva Drive, 30066 (Stockton Place, Lassiter): Offerpad SPE Borrower LLC to Adam and Jennifer Ohsberg; $489,900

3880 Trade Wind Court, 30062 (Trade Wind Estates, Lassiter): Yaacov Yisrael and Miryom Yehudah; $252,000

3640 Cochran Lake Road, 30062 (Lassiter): James Lane Jr. to Bercher Homes LLC; $622,000

901 Worley Drive, 30066 (Glendale, Sprayberry): Larry Neary to Christopher and Olivia Kennedy; $325,000

2794 Long Grove Drive, 30062 (Madison Hall, Pope): Janet and Cranston Vaughn to Cassaundra Dyer; $1.135 million

4000 Tritt Homestead Drive, 30062 (The Park at Lost Forest, Pope): Arnold and Genevie Olender Revocable Trust to Blake and Keith Hawley; $820,000

2267 Nottley 2 Drive Unit, 30066 (Barrett Creek Townhomes, Sprayberry): Anas Abuhaleimah; $350,000

2965 Village Drive, 30062 (Brownstone, Pope): Edgard Sammour to Tyler Quenan and Catlin Wood; $510,000

1124 Powell Wright Road, 30066 (Sprayberry): William Headrick III to Victoria and Ethan Smith; $450,000

2184 Carefree Circle Unit 7, 30066 (The East Cobb, Sprayberry crosses): Glenda Davis to Meredith Mullins; $375,000

3929 Tall Pine Drive, 30062 (Tall Pines, Walton): Laurie and Andrew Marks to Thomas Cahill and Julie Comer; $560,000

1097 Princeton Drive 30068 (Princeton Walk, Walton): Scott and Tracy Kester to Scott Kester; $195,000

200 Sentinel Square, 30067 (Sentinel Ridge, Walton): Julius and Rene Glass to John and Morgan Porter; $900,000

2541 Littlejohn Trail, 30067 (Red Oak Park, Wheeler): Michele Brann to Joao Batista Dona; $413,000

1660 Terrell Ridge Drive, 30067 (Terrell Ridge, Wheeler): Mark Ringeling to Serena Brooks; $242,000


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