East Cobb Residential Real Estate Sales, September 19-23, 2022

Edgemere Estates

The following deeds for East Cobb residential real estate sales were filed September 19-23, 2022 with the Cobb Superior Court Clerk’s Office Real Estate Service

Addresses include postal codes; the names of the subdivisions and school districts are in parentheses:

September 19

4880 Hawk Trail, 30066 (Falcon Crest, Lassiter): simply sold Atlanta LLC to Open House Atlanta Realty & Investments; $340,000

4477 Old Mabry Square, 30075 (Old Mabry, Lassiter): Andrea Paige Jones to Cesar Rozo and Nelly Blanco; $450,000

2745 Morgan Road, 30066 (Sprayberry): Lot One Homes of Georgia in Ishtiaq Farooqui; $646,907

2189 Deep Woods Road, 30062 (Piedmont Forest, Sprayberry): Hari Ghorat to Ashley and Sean Harris; $498,000

4500 Edgemere Trace, 30062 (Edgemere Estates, Pope): Xiaogan Li to Adeyemi and Afwandi Karunwi; $960,000

2635 Indian Lake Drive, 30062 (Indian Springs, Walton): Kimberly Robinson to Darione and Yoseph Tekleyes; $1.4 million

2629 Meadowlaw Drive, 30067 (Sandpipe, Wheeler): Fernando Madrid to Thiago Castro; $300,000

614 Wynnes Ridge Circle, 30067 (Wynnes Ridge, Wheeler): Allison Michael to Michele Burling; $205,000

September 20

3900 Clairington Drive, 30066 (Overlook at Chastain, Sprayberry): SDH Atlanta LLC to Jesu Darison Gerard Fernando; $416,275

3680 Wesley Chapel Road, 30062 (Lassiter): Oskar Juarez at Lot One Homes of Georgia; $278,000

303 Paxton Circle, 30066 (Sumter Ridge, Sprayberry): Phillip Hunt at OP SPE TPAI1 LLC; $344,000

2615 Cour des Crêtes, 30062 (Autumn Lake, Sprayberry): Fred Dozier to Steven Spencer; $440,000

2215 Snug Harbour, 30066 (St. Charles Square, Sprayberry): Vincent Tomincasa to Adam and Stacey Kowalski; $500,000

3195 Sweetbay Magnolia Drive, 30062 (Arbor Cove, Pope): Laila Naushin to Chike Rapu and Kehinde Coker-Rapu; $959,000

1050 Hershey Drive, 30062 (Hershey Woods, Walton): Guild Dream Homes LLC to Srikanth Kondapally and Snigdba Cherukupalli; $480,000

3202 Lakeridge Drive, 30067 (Millridge, Wheeler): Stephen Krawczyk to Marion Davidson; $555,000

September 21

5170 Rebel Road 30068 (Chattahoochee Heights, Walton): Jacqueline Seyfried to Alexandra Dogariu and Emily Mae Langdon; $535,000

5276 Beechwood Court, 30068 (Tally Green, Walton): Diane Kanter to Donald Kanter; $400,000

5368 West Bank Drive, 30068 (Jacksons Creek, Walton): Zachary and Kristina Cooke to Jonathan and Sarah Cagle; $855,000

3190 Randall Drive, 30066 (Russell Plantation Estates, Sprayberry): Kay Shirk to Michelle Pike; $360,000

301 Pathview Lane, 30062 (Wendwood, Pope): Lisa Ames at B&R Investments and Construction; $300,000

303 Nibblewill Place, 30066 (Barrett Creek Townhomes, Sprayberry): Karen Rubenfield to Taliaferro McIlhany; $355,500

1864 Glynda Drive, 30062 (Plantation Pines, Pope): Linda Ogletree at DGS Residential Properties; $378,000

4166 Lakeshore Road, 30067 (Kings Cove, Walton): Alice Lomax to Derek Mendez; $430,000

2305 Gardengate Road, 30067 (Gardenside at Powers Ferry, Wheeler): Jordan Lublin, director of Gibson Garner and Jessica Eason; $380,000

3001 Greyfield Terrace, 30067 (Greyfield, Wheeler): Thomas Mallon to Culin and Robin Swarts; $400,000

774 Old Paper Mill Road, 30067 (Old Paper Mill, Wheeler): Patricia Coleman to Rosario and Elayne Scarcella; $695,000

544 Pine Valley Road, 30067 (Atlanta Country Club, Walton): Charles O’Brien to Anthony and Kelly Talal; $1.8 million

September 22

4919 Post Oak Tritt Road, 30062 (Sturbridge Village, Pope): Opendoor Property Trust to AFR Acquisitions 3; $550,000

4524 Reva Court, 30066 (Stockton Place, Lassiter): Michael and Patricia Adams at Opendoor Property; 483 $4000

4231 Keheley Lake Drive, 30062 (Lakewood Colony, Kell): Jimmy Kell to Christopher Musson; $460,000

3501 Shaw Road, 30066 (Noonday Hills, Sprayberry): Judith Wagner to Max and Mino Bronson; $355,000

1417 Castlebrooke Road, 30066 (Castlebrooke, Sprayberry): Antonia Carter-Wright to Karthik and Shirley Pyata; $925,000

51 Highoak Drive, 30066 (Ashford Oaks, Sprayberry): Lowell Langelland to Navid Mahallati; $245,000

1249 Ronnie Drive, 30062 (Sylvan Heights, Walton): Patricia O’Kelley to Julie and Glen Uranis; $20,000

3980 Cliffmont Circle, 30068 (Fairvue to Indian Hills, Walton): Will and Susan Lummus to Robert Schilling; $750,000

2377 Emory Lane, 30068 (Spring Creek, Wheeler): My Wonder Home LLC to Judson Haley; $595,000

September 23

4704 Arberlour Way, 30067 (Woodlawn Walk, Walton): James Robinson to Ryan Alexander Ely; $1.35 million

4496 Quarter Horse Drive, 30075 (Plantation North, Pope): Jeannie Freeman to Lucas and Melissa Mashburn; $610,000

1877 Falcon Wood Drive, 30066 (Falcon Wood, Kell): Donovan Bennett to Nataleigh Verrengia; $390,000

4929 Olde Mill Drive, 30066 (Olde Mill Ford, Kell): Flitch Properties LLC to Daryn Sinclair and Brendan Flatt; $400,000

2440 Stockton Drive, 30066 (Stocktons Ford, Lassiter): Isabel Hurtubise, director of Richard and Mylène Hughsam; $450,000

2315 Wickingham Drive, 30066 (Cambridge Crossing, Lassiter): Christopher Crocker to Devendra Kumar to Rakhee Moolchanandi; $561,900

3478 Cochran Shore Cove, 30062 (Cochran Lake Shores, Lassiter): Bercher Homes LLC to Meredith and Gregory Hodge; $1.262 million

1190 Blackwell Road, 30066 (Autumn Ridge, Sprayberry): Kayne LeBlanc of BMF & Associates; $300,000

790 Weybourne Court, 30066 (Chastain Commons, Sprayberry): Charlotte Welch, trustee of Meridian Trust Real Estate Investments; $280,000

2272 Rosemoore Drive 30062 (Rosemoore to Harper Woods, Sprayberry): Steven Clover to Bikal and Andreia Dhakal; $491,500

2737 Vintage Reserve Unit 15, 30066 (Vintage Club, Sprayberry): Bradley Coleman, executor of Salli Jane Parker, Kelci Emily Kimbro and Kassidi Kole Kimbro; $277,610

500 Piedmont Road, 30066 (Sprayberry): Duncan Land Investments to Angelene Bisnott; $395,000

2378 Wilderness Way, 30066 (Wilderness Ridge, Sprayberry): Garrett Tucker to William and Allison Bates; $460,000

3927 Trace of vineyard, 30062 (Arthurs Vinyard, Pope): David Frykman JHB Homes LLC; $410,000

1550 Blackjack Drive, 30062 (Blackjack Hills, Sprayberry): Susan Abballe to Xiang Ying Zuo and Xue Zhang Gao; $450,000

2870 Cobb St., 30068 (Cobb Estates, Wheeler): Bradley and Mackenzie Deal at Amber and Andrew Alley; $426,000

3554 Clubland Drive, 30068 (Indian Hills, Walton): Beatriz Montalvo to John and Vianna Kovalsky; $685,000

465 Salem Woods Drive, 30068 (Salem Woods, Wheeler): Opendoor Property Trust to Carlos Otero and Anthony Buccellato; $280,000


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