East Cobb Residential Real Estate Sales, September 12-16, 2022


The following deeds for East Cobb residential real estate sales were filed September 12-16, 2022 with the Cobb Superior Court Clerk’s Office Real Estate Service

Addresses include postal codes; the names of the subdivisions and school districts are in parentheses:

September 12

2273 Stoney Ford Drive, 30066 (Rocky Mountain Estates, Lassiter): Gabriel Sarinana at Binh Thanh Tran and Hongtram Le; $361,000

3279 Vandiver Drive, 30066 (Vandiver Heights, Sprayberry): E & A Investments Property LLC to Jared Porter; $443,000

2652 Arbor Glen Place, 30066 (Arbor Glen, Sprayberry): Tara Carmichael at Sydney Tully; $300,000

2154 Arbor Oaks Drive, Building 1, 30062 (Arbor Oaks Condominiums, Sprayberry): Jean Bull Holcomb to Dorothy Keith; $458,500

3715 Liberty Lane, 30062 (Independence Square, Walton): Frederick Abood Jr. to Jared and Katherine Barber; $524,000

1140 Mitsy Forest Drive, 30068 (Mitsy Forest, Walton): Austin and Audrey Averett at Spring Flowers & Company LLC; $565,000

September 13

4996 meadow alley, 30068 (The Meadows Condos, Walton): Marie Jeunesse to John Shults; $340,000

4018 middle drive, 30066 (Greenland, Kell): Past Properties LLC to Lot One Homes of Georgia LLC; $360,000

4028 middle drive, 30066 (Greenland, Kell): Past Properties LLC to Lot One Homes of Georgia LLC; $225,000

4038 middle drive, 30066 (Greenland, Kell): Past Properties LLC to Lot One Homes of Georgia LLC; $360,000

3311 Perrington Point, 30066 (Northampton, Lassiter): Cuong The Huang to Stoyan and Irina Sugarliev; $824,900

500 Ridgewater Drive, 30068 (Indian Hills, Walton): Amelia McDonald at Fairgate Homes LLC and Ducere Construction; $435,000

40 Rhodes Drive, 30068 (Eastvalley Estates, Wheeler): Jael Holdings LLC to Nicholas and Lauren Taylor; $550,000

2960 Shillingford Court, 30067 (Stratford, Wheeler): Julianne Edelstein to Cameron Cole Taylor; $439,000

September 14

899 Tisdale Trail, 30068 (The Reserve at Olde Towne, Walton): Pulte Home Company LLC to Anish and Nikita Patel; $663,581

3575 Garrards Crossing, 30075 (Garrards Crossing, Pope) Mary Burns to Eric Brown and Kathleen Ward; $450,000

2108 Wyeth Walk, 30062 (Chadds Ford, Pope): William Cody to Roop Virk; $567,000

169 Bridgestone Drive, 30066 (Bridgestone Acres, Sprayberry): Ryszard Ozarowski to Logan Kinkella; $350,000

September 15

2013 Winsted Way, 30062 (The Estates Easthampton, Walton): The Dana Lisook Cohen Revocable Trust to Stacey and Steven Jones; $1,085 million

4831 Post Oak Tritt Road, 30075 (Sturbridge Village, Pope): WY International Inc. in Austin and Marissa Davis; $475,000

673 Serramonte Drive, 30068 (Villas in Parkaire, Walton): Launchpad Real Estate Investments LLC at Atlanta Business Advisers LLC; $245,000

1485 Trace Whitecap, 30066 (Jamerson Forest, Kell): Liliana Balazar to Liliana Balazar and Ricardo Pulido; $390,000

3817 East Oxford Way, 30062 (Wesley Hills, Lassiter): Sec. Housing and Urban Development at Renard and Renee Penn; $305,000

2592 Stockbridge Road, 30062 (Chimney Springs, Pope): Harold Itkin, executor of Pointed Ears Flips LLC; 4400,000

1167 Broward Drive, 30066 (Morgan Station, Sprayberry): Fiona McCormick to Jack Grove; $325,000

3750 High Green Drive, 30068 (Indian Hills, Walton): Linda Agee at Capital Design Homes LLC; $555,000

September 16

4621 Clary Lakes Court, 30075 (Clary Lakes, Pope): Joseph Paonessa, trustee of Gary and Dana Cohen; $1.165 million

612 Serramonte Drive, 30068 (Villas in Parkaire, Walton): JBES Capital LLC in Senthil Govindan; $385,500

5267 Forest Creek Parkway, 30068 (Forest Brook, Walton): Thomas Butler to Olive Mugisha; $529,700

1423 Waterford Green Drive, 30068 (Waterford Green, Walton): Joe and Jo Anne DeSantis to Amit and Shikha Yadav; $935,000

5001 Turtle Rock Drive, 30066 (Turtle Rock, Lassiter): Willie and Martha Shaw of Realhouse Acquisitions LLC; $253,000

2883 Treeside Terrace, 30066 (Edgewood East, Lassiter): Toll Southeast LP Company in Bankole and Temitope Temi-Faromoju; $1.147 million

2761 Twisted Oak Lane, 30066 (Tanglewood Estates, Lassiter): Davidson Homes LLC to Scott Friedel and Natalia Devivo; $1.353 million

4810 Holmes Farm Court, 30066 (Holmes Farm, Lassiter): Janet Szabo to Hyun Ji Kim; $790,000

4113 Christacy Road, 30066 (Thornbrook, Sprayberry): Anthony Amey to Valdinei Moura Maia and Margarete de Silva Lopes; $380,000

2005 Wenlok Trail, 30066 (Stocktons Chase, Kell): Robert Huckeba to Dan and Elva Caballero; $415,000

3335 Emory Drive, 30062 (Hembree Hills, Pope): Sarah Neely to Andrea and Eric Durbin; $427,500

3972 Plantation Drive, 30062 (Mar-Lanta, Pope): Portico Properties Inc. to Victor Rodrigues da Rocha Oliveira and Amanda White; $695,000

3012 Lassiter Road, 30062 (Cherry Tree Park, Pope): Brian Hvizdak to Catherine Hickem; $625,000

3148 Weymouth Drive, 30062 (Dorset, Pope): Nina Bharucha to James and Elizabeth Hilley; $540,000

2024 Squire Drive, 30062 (Kingswood Estates, Sprayberry): Jamie Dees to Ryan Eugene Thye; $325,000

4014 Penhurst Lane, 30062 (Penhurst, Walton): Micah Miller to Thomas Zack and Sandi Keiser; $750,000

2575 Acacia Park Square, 30062 (Westminster, Walton): Michael Simpson to Nadzeya Sommers and Dale Clark; $1.2 million

4405 Dunmore Road, 30066 (Hampton Woods, Walton): Meredith Lea Estep, Administrator of Leslie and Wendy Mitchell; $599,000

361 Clear Spring Court, 30068 (Weatherstone, Wheeler): Steven Parker to Joshua and Tracy Dolina; $583,375

234 Pioneer Trail, 30068 (Pioneer Woods, Wheeler): Dean Lovello to Charles and Kelley Gardner; $569,000

171 Shadowlawn Road, 30067 (Fox Hills, Wheeler): Opendoor Property Trust to Joseph and Vicki Eyles; $428,000


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