Breaking down Super Bowl prop bets with Ohio State connections


the superbowl is a gamer’s paradise. Even if your team isn’t playing in the big game, you can at least find something to look for with the plethora of prop bets that are released for the game. You can even place bets that have nothing to do with the football being played on the pitch. For example, you can place a bet on whether Snoop Dogg smokes on stage during the halftime show, or whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down during the Super Bowl.

With a number of former Ohio State players leaving for the Bengals in Sunday’s game, there are plenty of ways to show your support for Buckeye alumni with your wallet. Even though Joe Burrow has finished his college career, we’re still going to include some of Burrow’s prop bets in our roundup of what’s available on gambling lines. Burrow holds a degree from Ohio State University, so there’s no reason why we can’t include it. Plus, I’m sure no one will bother to get a few more gaming nuggets from B-Leez.

If you see a number like -125 in the odds, that means you need to bet $12.50 to win $10. If you see +125, that means a $10 bet pays $12.50.

All prop bets/lines courtesy of bovada. As always, be sure to bet within your means.

Joe Terrier

Total passing yards: 280.5 yards (-115)

After throwing for at least 281 yards just four times in the first 11 games of the season, Burrow has stepped up his aerial assault on the NFL, hitting that mark five times in the last eight games.

The Rams have also been vulnerable against the pass this year at times. A good chunk of the quarterbacks the Rams have played this year have had suspect quarterbacks. When Los Angeles faces top quarterbacks, which we can all agree is a level Joe Burrow belongs to, they’ve most often thrown at least 281 yards.

I know that won’t be a popular reason to get the upper hand here, but I think the Rams are winning this game. Since Cincinnati will be trailing, that will lead to Burrow throwing the ball around more and inflating his numbers a bit.

Pass attempts: 36.5 attempts – Over (-105)/Under (-125)

I’m a little surprised to see underneath with a little juice on it. Burrow has started football more recently, attempting at least 37 passes in five of the last six games. The only game in which Burrow failed to hit that mark was in the Wild Card Round against Las Vegas, where he attempted 34 passes.

Total TD Passes: 1.5 TD Passes – Over (-160)/Under (+120) OR 2.5 TD Passes – Over (+160)/Under (-215)

This has all the makings of a high score game. Although Burrow hasn’t thrown for three touchdowns in a playoff game, he’s hit that mark six times this year in the regular season. The only thing that makes you a little nervous about conceding 2.5 touchdowns is that the Rams haven’t given up three touchdowns in a game this year. It’s going to take a lot of effort to achieve that goal, but I think Burrow can do it.

Total Completions: 24.5 Completions – Over (-125)/Under (-105)

Much like many of Burrow’s other prop bets so far, since I think Cincinnati is going to play from behind, they’ll be forced to pitch more football, which will inflate Burrow’s assist count overall.

Longest completion: 39.5 yards – Over (-120)/Under (-110)

Are you really going to take the underside when Cincinnati gets Ja’Marr Chase? The Bengals also have Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd and Joe Mixon, all of whom are capable of taking a catch from at least 40 yards.

Total yards on first TD pass: 9.5 yards – Over (-130)/Under (Even)

It goes with much of the same thinking as the longest over/under completion. While I know Burrow has had a few touchdowns this postseason that have been seven yards or less, I think the possibility of Burrow’s first touchdown pass coming from a little further is greater than being a short touchdown pass.

There are a number of one-on-one props you can do with Burrow and Matthew Stafford regarding QB rating, yardage, attempts, completions, and more. Many of these odds are pretty even, so you can say many are predicting both quarterbacks to play in this game.


First sack of the game

Sam Hubbard +550

It would be rather appropriate if Sam Hubbard had the last bag of the AFC Championship Match then first sack of the Super Bowl. Really though, Hubbard has a big chance here. While you should hope Cincinnati is able to protect Burrow early on, especially if the Bengals get the ball back first, you can’t go wrong with +550 odds hoping Cincinnati’s season-leading second passer. is able to save the first sack of the match.

First interception of the game

Eli Apple +1000
Vonn Bell +1800

I don’t really like either of these former Buckeyes to grab the first interception of the game. Bell had that massive interception in overtime against Kansas City, but he’s not really a guy who’s going to intercept passes that often. The interception against the Chiefs was only the third of his NFL career. If Bell is going to get a turnover, you’re more likely to see him pick up a fumble.

As for Apple, we’ve seen passes hit him right in the hands and he still can’t catch it. Apple will knock down a few passes, I just don’t see him picking a pass in play. Also, Apple has been more efficient in getting their hands on the ball and giving it to teammates and letting them do the turnover.

Most tackles/assists

Vonn Bell +650

It’ll probably be tough to register more tackles than Logan Wilson, Germaine Pratt and Eric Weddle, but Bell is worth a look here. With the Rams likely getting the ball in the air a lot, we could see Bell recording a fair amount of tackles in the secondary, or being credited with a few assists. Bell always seems to be around football, which is a good thing in a bet like this.

Vonn Bell – 5.5 tackles + assists: Over (-145)/Under (+110)

All of the above reasons explain why I believe Bell will be credited with at least six tackles in this game. When it comes to tackles, Bell is Cincinnati’s strongest secondary stopper. He’ll likely get even more cracks than normal to rack up tackles because the Rams prefer to pass football more.

Sam Hubbard – 0.5 bags total: Over (+150)/Under (-200)

Even though the Rams have tightened some of their Stafford protection lately, there have been times when they’ve had serious issues keeping their quarterback upright. Hubbard has been making noise in these playoffs, with three sacks after finishing the regular season with 7.5 sacks. Since you’ll likely see the Rams pay a little more attention to Trey Hendrickson, I’m betting Hubbard goes to Stafford at least once in this game.

Sam Hubbard – 3.5 total tackles + assists: Over (-105)/Under (-125)

This line is a bit curious to me, as Hubbard has had at least four tackles in 10 games this year. The Ohio State defensive end seems to be all over the field at times. It might be a little harder for Hubbard to get four tackles because of the way the Rams pass the ball, but again Kansas City liked to throw the rock and Hubbard finished with eight saves in the championship game. the AFC.

Final score prediction

As I alluded to earlier, while I would love to see the Bengals win the Super Bowl because of the joy it would bring to some of my friends who are Cincinnati fans, I think they will be close to time. A Super Bowl loss shouldn’t take away from how great the season has been for the Bengals, who are ahead of schedule as they build the team around Joe Burrow.

I just think the Rams defensive line is going to be too much for the Bengals to slow down. We’ve seen the problems Cincinnati’s offensive line has had this year, especially in the playoff game against Tennessee. While Cincinnati will likely have a plan in place to try to slow down Aaron Donald, Von Miller and Leonard Floyd, executing it is a whole different story.

Los Angeles 31, Cincinnati 27


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