Acquisition of land Rs 5 crore

A 2,400 sq ft Rs 5 crore structure in Thanjavur has been demolished and the soil reclaimed by the company. A private hospital called muthu Vaithiya Road operated in the moat of Alangam area south of thanjavur many years ago. Balakrishnan then turned the hospital into a warehouse for his food business. Meanwhile, the company chose to remove the building, which was hampering the expansion of South Alangam Road, as part of the Thanjavur Smart City initiative. At Thanjavur Magistrates Court, Balakrishnan’s sons filed a complaint. The case was decided in favor of Thanjavur Corporation.

Accordingly, in the presence of Planning Officer Rajasekar, the demolition work of 2,400 square feet of this multi-crore building was carried out under the supervision of Company Commissioner K. Saravanakumar. In addition to removing all existing structures in the South Alangam area that occupied the existing sewage area, the current residents of these occupied buildings were given ample opportunity to leave.

Commenting on this, the company’s commissioner, K. Saravanakumar, said: “The building occupying the bank of the ditch was an obstacle to the widening of the road. Following the decision to demolish the building, the occupants of the building have now requested a court order. The building was demolished in the presence of company employees.”


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